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LudumDare 44 Game!  Theme: Your life is currency.

Backstory: You and your sister are the last of your clan. Since the loss of your family in childhood, you have always been together and helped each other in dangerous and ridiculous situation. One day you noticed that your sister is looking sick. She would only get worse and worse. The Court Wizard (a friend of yours that you helped once) said that it's an ancient curse and he has no power against it. Your sister has only a few days left, but you decided to do, probably, the most desperate thing in your life, the blood trade. Your clan was known for trading those who live for those who died, in exchange of their souls. You prepared all the items and made the first cur. Your blood spills on the ground as a mysterious figure appears from the dark. You can feel it's blood thirst. The one names himself the Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Feared but determined you accept the trade. Your sister instantly became healthy, but your powers are leaving you. One last hug from your beloved sister and you dive into the Abyss, where lost souls seek endlessly. But something does not feel right, the Death, it did not leave you, yet. There it stays in front of you. He gives you to options, to enter the Abyss and join the others, or entertain him a bit, and try to fight for your miserable life...

Controls:   W to move,  SPACE to hold in place,  rotate your mouse to guide the player,  Left Mouse Button to shoot.

Goals: Don't die! Have fun!

Achievements: Death's Bro! Requirements: Give me 5/5 on my LudumDare page!

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